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QA Lab helps you avoid the expense and risk of finding defects late in software development cycle by offering you a predictability of time, cost and quality of deliverables.

In a digital world, testing applications (across form factors, browsers and operating systems) are becoming more and more complex. QA Lab is an on-demand and crowd-sourced software testing services provider, which you need to ensure the success of your critical business applications. With business brand and reputation at state, Software Testing is becoming mandatory.

Based on our experience and resources, QA Lab can provide exactly the right managed end-to-end digital testing solution that you need on on-demand basis. Our software testing services include innovative testing such as on-demand testing, agile testing, mobile app testing and crowd beta testing to traditional step-by-step waterfall testing, manual testing, automated testing for critical applications or for an ongoing managed test service to support software solution.

What pain does QA Lab alleviate for the clients?

To set up an effective Digital Quality Assurance practice in-house, one needs to build a culture and a team that can support that tall order. And for that one needs to:

  • Attract and retain the talent. Focus on building testing best practices and methodology that will adopted by the company.
  • Ensure all your software applications work as intended, covering the operational risks for your business and the substantial investments.
  • Move away the core of building a software solution and focus of building Quality Assurance practice.
  • Why build it when you can hire on-demand testing services provider - QA Lab, when you need it.

Key Benefits

  • Diverse Testing Skillset
    QA Lab’s professionally-trained test engineers have expert knowledge of all major operating systems, mobile devices, browsers, and environments and the quality culture, testing experience and maturely one needs. You can plug us into your development cycle or teams with our flexible collaborative service model.
  • Flexible Competitive Pricing
    You can source testing staff when you need them and pay as you go. Our Testing engineers are available to work on projects daily, weekly or monthly basis as and when you are ready to engage a tester. We can assemble a testing team and have the teamwork on your software product as and when your software development cycle requires it to be tested. Our billing rates get more competitive when you sign up for multi-month and multi-testers at a time, although you don’t have to if you don’t need to.
  • Risk-free solutions
    Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our software testing services, please contact us and we will make it right. If we cannot make it right, we will refund your money.
  • Ease of Payment
    We currently accept credit card payments via Paypal or SquareUp for our adhoc and recurring clients. Additional payment methods such as wire transfers, bank checks and money orders are only available to our Enterprise clients with MSA agreements and ongoing needs.
  • No Extra Cost
    You only pay for the days when we have a testing team working on your software product as directed by you and when you are ready to submit your project for testing. There are no hidden fees, bench time costs, recurring fees or required commitments.
  • Dedicated QA Lab
    We can set up a dedicated QA lab for you based on your unique QA needs with devices, hardware equipment, software, browsers, environment and QA staff with the skills you require. These labs can also have secure access.

Client Testimonial

“We rely on QA Lab On Demand Testing services to provide our clients with a fully tested and bug free product. We have found a right partner in QA Lab to provide high quality deliverables.”

Craig Reeves Head of Quality Assurance Independent Software Vendor (ISV) USA


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Crowd Source Beta Testing Services

Crowd Source
Beta Testing

case studies

Software Testing for the leading Insurance Company

Founded in the 1920s, America's leading insurance underwriter serves more than 10 million households and 20 million policy holders.


On Demand Software Testing

Get an overview of ISHIR's independent QA and On Demand Software Testing Services with the fact sheet.

On Demand Software Testing

We love Startups!

We understand the challenges startups go through by bootstraping their business. We have a special offer to help startups keep their product bug-free within a budget.

Our On-Demand offshore testing services and crowd testing solutions for beta users will ensure that you share a 'bug free' product with your users.

We are passionate about testing and are committed to making testing available to you easily and when you need it. Our On-Demand offshore testing services and crowd testing solutions for beta users will ensure that your product goes in the hands of your users bug free. We promise to love your software product, mobile app or website as much as you do!

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Crowd Source Testing

At QA Lab, we will assemble a tester or a group of testers who will professionally find software defects in your software product so you can beat your customer to it and we will help you eliminate these bugs so your software is bug-free. We will also suggest usability improvements to help you get greater acceptance and traction when your software, mobile app or website is launched.

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