We at QALab follow the Agile Testing Process unless the client specifies otherwise. The testing requirements are prioritized into multiple sprints that can be tested faster per iteration.

DEEP Testing Approach

We follow the DEEP Testing Approach at QALab to ensure that we’re able to deliver what our clients expect. The innovative approach helps us to focus on every critical aspect of the QA strategy and, in fact, deliver more than their expectations.


Discovery Workshop

During this phase, the QALab team plans a series of interactions with the client to ensure there are no gaps between what they expect and what we plan to deliver. The following activities are part of our Discovery Workshop.

  • Needs Analysis
  • Process Reengineering
  • Understanding team needs
  • Understanding challenges
  • Defining Adoption Roadmap

Engagement Planning

If the Discovery Phase helps the team to understand what is to be done, the Engagement Planning phase provides a clear directive on how it is to be done. Some of the critical activities during this phase are listed below..

  • Preparing Test Plan & Schedule
  • Developing Testing Process
  • Defining Use Cases
  • Adoption Path
  • Preparing Test Coverage
  • Identifying Testing Tools
  • Identifying Automation Needs

Execution Strategy

This is the stage where we ensure that test objectives are met and our team is able to deliver as planned.

  • Early Testing Phase
  • Monitoring
  • Process fine-tuning
  • Functional Testing
  • Governance
  • Rep1orting & KPI

Project Mastery

We evaluate what worked in a project and what did not so that we can reduce risks, improve methodologies, and evaluate and enhance the ROI. At QALab, we conduct the following activities to master a project.

  • Project Knowledge Retention
  • Bug Modeling
  • Revisit Early Assumption
  • Process adoption
  • Risk Reduction


QALab has designed engagement models to address the budget and time constraints of our clients. Whatever their need, we adjust accordingly.

Offshore Team

  • Dedicated team of offshore testers
  • QA Lead is also offshore
  • Improved resource efficiency

Onshore Team Lead

  • QA Lead is completely deployed onsite
  • QA Lead ensures that offshore team is in sync with client’s expectations
  • Ensures that the offshore team delivers on-time & on-budget


  • QA Lead works at both onsite and offshore locations
  • Ensures seamless communication & coordination between offshore & onshore teams
  • Reduced costs and implementation time

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